Expert Option Broker Review 2017 – Binary Option

Expert Option Broker Review 2017 – Binary Option

Expert Option Broker Review – The Best Unique Platform.


Hi everyone, This is a summary detail of Expert Option. Expert Option is an international broker working with clients around the world. This broker has been growing fast and is popular in Indonesia, Thailand, Germany and South Korea. There is an own unique feature in the platform with trader’s deal positioning on the graph. That’s cool and not like another binary option broker.

Basic information about Expert Option:

expertoption logo en

 Brand Logo  expertoption-logo binary option broker
 Rating  [star rating=”4″]
 How to open a free account? open account for free iq option
 Minimum Deposit  $50
 Minimum Trade  $1
 Maximum Trade  $1000
 Demo Account  Yes  (Click here then click on try $10,000 free demo button to play)
 Account Type
  • Mini from $50: 24/7 trading, education materials, max deal $50, simultaneously open deal 10
  • Silver from $250: plus Personal Manager, max deal $100, simultaneously open deal 15
  • Gold from $1,000: plus Lead trading consulting, priority withdrawal, increasing asset profit, max deal $300, simultaneously open deal no limit
  • VIP from $2,500: plus individual trading history analysis, max deal $1,000 , simultaneously open deal no limit
 Trading Plateform  There are 3ways to trade binary option with Expert Option

Trade on the web   (Click link then click on real account button to register)

appstore-download android-app-download

 Trading Platform Indicators / Tools  Yes

Moving average, Bollinger bands, Alligator, Parabolic SAR, Fractal, RSI, Awesome oscillator, MACD

Horizontal Line, Vertical L

See the others people’s trading position on graph

 Trading Platform Time Frame
  • Second: 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds
  • Minute: 1 minute
 Expiry Time
  • 1, 2, 3 minutes
 Trading Platform  Chart Type  Area, Line, Bars, Candles
 Asset 2 Asset types  short and long asset 

49 Assets available

EUR/USD, USD/JPY, AUD/CAD, AUD/USD, USD/NOK, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Brent Oil

Check More available asset click here

 Profitability  High (Earn up to 95% from each deal)
 Payment Methods Expert Option support multiple payment gateways see below: 

VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA Electron, WebMoney,  Skrill,  Neteller, Perfect Money, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, Online Bank Payment, Union Pay SMS, Fasapay

 Languages Support  English,  한국어,  中文简体, Portuguese, Español, ไทย, Русский, Bahasa Indonesia, हिन, Bahasa Malaysia, Tagalog
 Countries All countries are eligible except USA, Canada, European Economic Area, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, North Korea, Sudan
 Historical Quotes  No
 Robot/EA  No
 Tutorial / Education  Yes , Free Topic

  • Glossary
  • Technical Analysis
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Fundamentals Analysis
  • Psychology of Trading
  • Trading Strategies
 Tournaments  No
 Regulated Broker  Yes 

 Demo Click to Play
 Processing time for  withdrawing requests  Only 2 working day and no withdrawal fee from Expert Option
 Support  Yes

 Call Center:

  • English: 44 20 3868 3160
  • Chinese: 44 20 3868 3160
  • Thai: 66 6000 24 216
  • Russian: 7 804 333 46 47  OR 7 812 454 03 60
  • Hin di: 91 120 495 8832

 Live Support Available

 Popularity   Popular in Thailand, Indonesia, South Africa, Germany, South Korea
 Processing Orders  CALL/PUT has processing time only 1 seconds. Fast deals, Best trading experience ever
 Contact Info
+44 20 3868 3160

Vested LP Registration number: SL21576

The address for cardholder correspondence: 28 October avenue, 317, office 503, Limassol, Cyprus


Expert Option Review

The Binary option trading sector continues to provide an exciting trading experience for traders who use the various strategies available to make the best out of their trades. It is also important to recognize the roles played by the binary option brokers in this business.

Expert Option is a fairly new platform in this trading sector. It was established in 2015 by the Expert Options Limited Company located in St Vincent and the Grenadines. The need to provide a better trading platform for traders to carry out their activities has been the driving force behind the establishment of this broker. The developers have incorporated very unique features that will make the experience of every trader on this platform very rewarding. The trading assets for this broker consist of Forex Paris, oil and notable market determinants like S&P 500.

Expert Option Binary Option Broker

Expert Option Broker

Expert Option has gained a remarkable reputation in Russia where it operates under the license of the Financial Market Relations Regulation Center. The website has been created to feature various languages like Russian, English, German, Italian Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi. This is in line with the drive to create a reliable platform that can be used by traders from many parts of the world. Some notable features on this platform include quick payout at very attractive rates, and time frames that last as long as five minutes.


What do traders stand to gain from ExpertOption?

Traders stand to enjoy a variety of useful features that will support the trading activities. The following provisions have been made on the platform to benefit traders-

1. Expert Option trading software – on this platform, traders will have access to use a better developed and unique trading platform with easy to understand features that will benefit both old and new traders. Expert option exclusively owns its own trading software which is only available to the broker. The trading platform is also exclusively owned and run by ExpertOption. This means that traders will enjoy a consistent and reliable service unlike other brokers who operate on platforms they pay fees to access.

expert option trading platform

Expert Option trading platform: Web App

2. Educational materials – new traders will find the educational materials very useful. They are available to all traders on this platform free of charge. The educational materials include glossary of commonly used terms while trading, trading strategies, and many useful tips. It is a guide that new and old traders will cherish as a reliable reference while trading.

expert option education material

3. Mobile trading platformExpertoption has ensured that the creation of its mobile app which is available on both the android and ios operating systems is easy to use and highly dependable. There are never downtimes with this app so traders can carry out their business even while they are on the move.

mobile trading platform app

Expert Option Trading Platform: Mobile App

4. Assets – Traders will be thrilled with the assets available for trades; these include Market Indices which include important companies like the S&P500, Forex Pairs, Gold, Oil, Commodities markets.

5. Regular Indications for reliable trading signals – Traders thrive on the right trading signals. On the Expert Option platform, every trader will have access to reliable trading signals and alerts that cover the assets they have interests in. they will see indications for a neutral or sell signal and also strong sell and strong buy signals.

One of the first stages of learning binary option trading is getting a better understanding of the signals; this feature included on this platform will aid the new traders to understand how the signals aid trades better.

Expert Option Tools & Indicators


ExpertOptions Account Features

There are many account options available for traders on the Expert Option trading platform. They are-

  • Mini account – this is the basic accounts which features as many as 10 open deals running at the same time with a maximum placement of $20 for each deal on board with a 50% bonus clause included. Traders can open this basic account with a deposit of $50. This package also includes the trading educational materials.
  • Silver account – This account gives traders access to as high as 75% bonuses. More experienced traders can open this account with a minimum of $250.
  • Gold account – The Gold account comes with many more benefits like free consultations with experienced top trading partner consultants, quicker processing for withdrawal, and higher asset profits. It will be opened with a deposit of $1,000.
  • VIP account – the VIP account incorporates all the benefits of the Gold account and also includes an exclusive analysis of the trader’s history. This account attracts bonuses as high as 125% which is a wonderful opportunity for more experienced and ambitious traders to earn more. New traders who sign up for this account will have access to the demo platform through which they can familiarize themselves with Expert Option before they start trading with real money.
Expert Option has 4 account types

Expert Option has 4 account types

Expert Option Accounts


The affiliated accounts which can be opened by the traders include the common ecurrency platforms that have a proven record of reliability. There are many options to choose from. An account can be secured with a minimum deposit of $10; this has been made affordable for traders who need to sign up to increase their expertise in binary trading options. Trader’s funds are banked with reliable European banks for a better assurance.


Expert Options has considered using a flexible method to facilitate easy deposits by the traders. The common channels like credit cards, master cards, and reliable e-currency platforms like Skrill, Neteller, and Fasapay can be used to make deposits.


Expert Options has created a system that supports a quick efficient and easy withdrawal experience for every trader. Every initiated withdrawal will be credited to the traders e-currency account in the shortest possible time. The withdrawal process used by Expert Option has been proven to be the most efficient in the binary trading option business sector. All withdrawals are processed free of charge.

expert option payment gateway

Below is all payment gateways which Expert Option supported.

VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, VISA Electron, WebMoney,  Skrill,  Neteller, Perfect Money, WeChat, Alipay, UnionPay, Online Bank Payment, Union Pay SMS, Fasapay


Expert Options Information

Expert Option the offers and what the traders gain.

The marketing strategy used by Expert Option is designed to attract and convince traders to be bold enough to make the move and open their accounts. The platform is basically a binary trading option arena. There might not be as much information to lure the traders when they surf through the site and this might seem odd because other sites would have included attractive offers on their home pages to attract the numerous traders who visit the site in search of a good platform to trade with. This might make some traders wary about going ahead to open their accounts.

There have been aspersions cast on the system run by the demo account offered by Expert Option to the traders. The traders will face some challenges trying to navigate to this page. Reports have indicated a redirection to the trading section when an attempt is made to access the main account. The rewards also indicated on the demo account are also quite unrealizable when trading on this account. The traders view this as a form of deceit because the rewards and bonuses indicated on the demo account are far higher than what can be achieved if it involved trading with a live account.

It should have been expected that the bonuses can be easily withdrawn by the traders, but contrary to what is believed, it is quite challenging to withdraw bonuses when the initial deposits have been made. This is because the system attaches the accrued bonuses with the actual deposits that will be used for trading. This is also indicated on the terms and conditions which many traders might not have earlier read.


Inadequacies of Expert Option

Older traders will be less confident trusting a new broker with their trading activities. This is a common challenge that new brokers in this industry will face. Some of the weaknesses of Expert options include-

1. Withdrawals and deposits – traders have complained about the system used by Expert options to oversee withdrawals and deposits. There is no information on the website to direct the traders how this can be smoothly done and this makes the traders go through a lot of stress to initiate these processes. We think that the site used by Expert option has not been enhanced to accommodate binary trading activities which will give the traders an easy and smooth experience every time they use this service.

2. Customer support – There is no clear cut direction on how to contact the customer support team of Expert option. Many traders will be discouraged from signing up with a broker that does not have an active customer support system in place. There is also the issue of language barrier limiting the use of the broker by more traders. The site is usually available on in Russian, many people don’t understand Russian.

Expert Option Support

Expert Option Support

3. License and regulations – Traders look out for the endorsements of reputable licensing authorities on the websites of brokers. There is no indication that Expert option is licensed by any of these reputable licensing authorities like the CySEC to run their binary option trading platform. This makes it seem like Expert Option is ignorant of the need to comply with these international licensing authorities to meet the international trading standards the traders need.

4. Withdrawal policy – the withdrawal policy is not transparent. No trader will be comfortable with not knowing how their funds have been processed and how they can access it. This can discourage many traders from signing up.



While we acknowledge that many sites will have some lapses in their operations, it will be discouraging when the prevailing lapses noticed are far more than the advantages traders will enjoy when they sign up with the broker. It will be quite difficult for a trader to easily make up their minds to use Expert Options because there will be many unanswered questions about the trading activities. A good broker should be transparent and have clear guidelines that will inform the traders about the trading activities and their benefits while they use the broker’s services. The platform has also indicated its use of an unfamiliar automated robot for its operations. This will raise an alarm for traders because many traders are not aware of this automated system which most likely has not been comprehensively tested.

expert option advantage

It is safer to work with software that is popular and has been in use for a long time in the industry. The best choice is the Binary Option Robot Software. It is the most secure and trusted software in the entire binary option trading industry. With this software, every trader can be confident of trading and enjoying their rewards without any fear of computer glitches or loss of data. The feedback received from both the new and old traders who have used this robot is very encouraging. There is a lot of confidence it is operation and reliability.

expert option broker advantage

One notable advantage of the Binary Option Robot is that it is easy to access after signing up and it is absolutely free of charge. New traders will be very happy with the “automatic stop loss” feature that immediately ceases a trade when consistent losses are imminent. This is a feature that can be used to prevent losses to a high degree. Traders will be more confident to make trading decisions when this “automatic stop loss” feature is activated. The Binary Option Robot comprehensively investigates and analyzes the trading efficiencies of all brokers; it is the best option to use when you need to choose the best and most reliable broker to use for your trading activities.



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