Egor Perepelyuk’s interview IQ Option Binary Option

Egor Perepelyuk’s interview IQ Option  Binary Option

Hi everyone.  Last month, I had the chance to talk to Mr. Egor Perepelyuk who is a head of IQ Option VIP Manager. We talked together in many binary option topics and about IQ Option broker to clear some doubts and I thinks that I may be useful for many people who is going to begin to trade with IQ Option. Let’s go to see our conversations.

Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be for everyone, so please understand the risks involved before making an investment decision.
  1. How is IQ Option different from other binary options platforms?

We have invested a lot of resources to ensure that our platform stands out from the rest. The development and advancement witnessed in our operations has steadily been achieved over the last four years. We can attribute the huge success of the IQ Option platform to the fact that we personally managed the creation and development of our system in a way that we carefully study the latest trends and incorporate the best methods to make our platform the most reliable option for all binary option traders.

A quick list of the effective features we have incorporated in our system include the use of better technical analysis tools, reliable bots, buybacks, ratings etc. we reaffirm our commitment to continuously develop our platform in a pattern that only the best services will be enjoyed by all our users.  See full IQ Option review click here

  1. IQ Option is licensed in Europe. Could you explain what that means? And how does this affect your traders?

IQ Option is licensed by the CYSEC regulatory body. In line with ensuring that every trader operates within the confines of the law, our operations are fully run in accordance with the terms and rules as prescribed by the regulatory body.

In line with the requirements by the regulatory bodies, we have always made our system and files available for the regular audit exercises conducted by the regulatory bodies. This is done to ensure that every broker is operating within the confines of the rules and regulations. We are proud to state that IQ Option has been fully accredited to legally operate as a broker.

  1. What tools are available on the platform (for new trader, and for advanced traders)?

Our developers have made it a priority to ensure that all the necessary tools for various forms of technical analysis needed by the traders are available on our platform. Our traders with active accounts currently have access to 12 indicators, 4 different models of charts, 18 types of candlesticks and 4 reliable graphic tools. It should also be noted that the current price chart that is in use on the platform was created three years ago.

Many traders find this very convenient because the prices for various currencies as at three years ago can be easily seen. All these advanced tools and programs have been incorporated into this system with a good provision made for backup and storage to ensure that the system runs very smoothly.

The new trader will need to get some practice and experience before they can harness the potentials of some of the available tools we offer. We have observed that the traders have a high preference for Bollinger Bands and RSI.

  1. How can traders maximize their income on the IQ Option platform?

Every trader has undergone some form of financial management training so we can at least say there is a high probability that the earned income is carefully managed.

  1. What is the process for withdrawing money? How long does it take?

We understand how important it is to make the withdrawal process quick. This is what we have achieved with IQ Option. Our user interface is very friendly and it is not hard to navigate through the various tabs. We have created a system where our users have linked their bank cards to their IQ Option accounts. Every withdrawal is directly transferred to the trader’s bank card.

  1. What do you see in the future for binary options?

We are confident that in a very short time, the major financial institutions will officially recognize the benefits and potentials of binary options. This recognition will improve the business relationship and other transactions which will be supported by the financial institutions. Everybody gains, the traders will be happier as well as the finance houses and other affiliated organizations.

  1. Benefits of becoming a VIP-client

It pays to become a VIP client because this status gives you a free access to the competitions we organize; this means you have a chance to earn a steady salary in US dollars. The VIP clients also enjoy higher percentage payout on their investments. Their withdrawal requests are also processed quicker.

  1. Why are traders sometimes not able to purchase an option? What are the reasons for it?

This can happen either because there is a poor internet communication between the user’s server and the central office servers for the request to be processed or the maximum limit set for payout by the broker has been reached for that day.

  1. IQ Option is developing and growing so rapidly. Can you tell us about what’s new on the platform? .

We have introduced new features like the buyback option; this is a convenient feature that allows the trader to sell a trade before the window for this transaction closes. It is another excellent opportunity to make good profits

We are committed to ensuring that our traders have an exciting experience on our platform with more tournaments, and other exciting twists. STAY GLUED TO OUR PLATFORM FOR MORE.

  1. What are the tournaments?

We create tournaments for our traders, a good example is this- all the eligible traders are notified of the competition. They start off with a specified balance; this balance is to be grown as much as they can. The trader who ends up with the highest balance emerges the top winner from the first thirty competitors. The prize money is shared among the winners according to the level of growth achieved for their balances.

  1. Why is the profitability of the asset changing during the day?

This trend is totally dependent on the volatility of the market at that particular time.

Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be for everyone, so please understand the risks involved before making an investment decision.



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