IQ Option Broker Review – Highly Recommended 2017

IQ Option Broker Review – Highly Recommended 2017


Hi everyone, This is a summary detail of IQ Option. IQ Option is an international broker working with clients in 36 countries around the world and has a fastest continuously growing number of active trading accounts. They have own binary option trading platforms. you can see a full IQ Option broker review below.

Basic information about IQ Option:

iqoption best broker review

Brand Logo  iq option broker logo
Rating  [star rating=”5″]
How to open account open account for free iq option


Minimum Deposit  $10
Minimum Trade  $1
Maximum Trade  $5000
Demo Account  Yes  (Click here to get free demo trading account with virtual $1000)


Trading Plateform  There are 6ways to trade binary option with IQ Option.

Trade on the web

iq-option-window-download iq-option-mac-download iqoption-ubuntu-download

appstore-download android-app-download


Trading Platform Indicators / Tools  Yes

CCI, ADX, ATR, Awesome, Stochastic, MACD, Parabolic, Force Index, Bollinger Bands, Sliding Middles

Beam, Horizontal Line, Fibonacci Retracement

Trading Platform Time Frame
  • Second: 5, 10, 15, 30 seconds
  • Minute: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, 30 minutes
  • Hours: 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 hours
  • Day: 1 day
  • Week: 1 week
  • end of a month
Trading Platform Chart Type  Tick Chart, Linear, Candle Stick, Bars
Asset  5 Asset Types

Stock, Indexes, Currency, Raw Materials, Metals

or 500+ Assets available


Check More available asset click here

Payment Methods  Credit Cards (Visa/Mastercard), WebMoney,  Skrill,  Neteller
Languages Support  English  Français  Deutsch  Italiano  Español  한국어  Bahasa Indonesia  Norsk  Português  Svenska Thai
Türkçe 中文简体  Русский
Countries:  All countries are eligible except USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Sudan and Iran. The use of the IOS mobile application for trading is not available in Malta. The Android mobile application is not available for use in – Malta, Myanmar, Liechtenstein and Cuba.
Historical Quotes  Yes

(The quote history contains information on the exchange rates of currency pairs and many other financial instruments over various time periods)

 Tutorial  Yes  (16 Videos – Learn Binary Options for beginner)
Tournaments  Yes
Regulated Broker  Yes  (CySEC Regulated, License NO. 247/14)
Partner aston martin racing - iq option
  • Fastest growing binary option brand
  • Best mobile trading platform
  • Most Innovative binary option platform
  • Best binary options broker Europe 2015
  • The Best binary options broker and best binary options broker/trading application
  • Award in Best Binary Option broker
  • Most Innovative Binary Option Broker
  • Most Reliable binary options broker
  • dWorld’s leading binary option broker
  • Best trading platform

See on awards on official site Click here

In the Press  Check out all IQ Option news Click here
Accounts in the System
  • 2014 – 950,000 accounts
  • 2015 – 3,450,000 accounts
  • 2016 – 11,000,000 accounts

Continued growth

Trades per day
  • 2014 – 200,000 deals per day
  • 2015 – 1,000,000 deals per day
  • 2016 – 3,000,000 deals per day

Continued growth

Trading Volumn
  • 2014 – $10,000,000
  • 2015 – $100,000,000
  • 2016 – $11,000,000,000

Continued growth

Monthly Payments to traders
  • 2014 – $500,000
  • 2015 – $1,500,000
  • 2016 – $5,700,000

Continued growth

Processing time for withdrawing requests  Only 1 working day
Support  Yes

Chat Support – The average response time: 46 seconds

Tickets – The average response time: 24 minutes

Employees in IQ Option Support department  39 specialists
Popularity   Popular in South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Singapore

Dealing with 178 countries worldwide

Processing Orders  CALL/PUT has processing time only 1 seconds
Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be for everyone, so please understand the risks involved before making an investment decision.

* This video was recorded on January 20, 2017. Past data may not affect the present or future.


Trading binary options is a very interesting activity to engage in. in recent times, many people have become interested in this trade, and the influx of new entrants is commendable. As with any activity that has become the “hottest thing” at the moment, many platforms have been developed to offer the binary traders a good medium through which they can work. Unfortunately, this has created quite a challenge for new entrants because it is quite difficult to choose one from the many platforms available to pitch their tents. This is why reviews are good. We have taken time out to identify some notable sites and give a good review that will act as an excellent guide to everyone. In this article, we will be reviewing a quite notable and popular binary options broker known as the IQ Option.

We can trace the founding year of IQ Option to 2012. Our investigations have revealed that the reviews posted about this broker from satisfied users have been very commendable. It is also important to note that the customer base of this progressive platform has steadily increased over the years since its establishment. It is however not surprising that we have chosen to give our own review of this site that offers an excellent platform for binary trading options.

Our review will cover aspects like signing up and creating an account to actual trading and the customer support experience.


  • A reliable trading platform.
  • Flexible options
  • Outstanding returns.
  • User friendly application interface.
  • The minimum investment for trading is very affordable.
  • The platform is compliant with the regulations specified by the CYSEC.
  • Independent demo account.


  • This service is not available in prominent countries like the USA, Canada, Israel, Sudan and Iran. Quite a challenge.


 How to use the IQ Option mobile platform

IQ Options has consistently maintained its position as a pioneer and progressive binary option trading platform since its inception in 2013. The company started out as the first Russian broker in the industry and over the years of operation, the features and services have been developed to provide one of the easiest and reliable platforms through which binary trading options can be performed.


The advancements if the features have been constantly developed to improve every users experience when they need to study the market trends identify the right signals and make their trades. The administrative and tech team behind IQ Option have not rested on their accomplishments as they have gone ahead to introduce IQ Options very own mobile application. This step was taken to keep up with the growing tech trends all over the world. With this app, traders can now carry out their binary options trading activities anywhere they are.

In our opinion, we will rate the IQ Option mobile app five stars with a very commendable text attached. It is simply wonderful when used for binary options trading. It has been designed to have a user friendly interface; speed and reliability have been a major plus for this app considering the needs during an active trading session. The developers have made it suitable for both the experienced traders and the new traders who are still trying to understand how the trading activities work. When compared to the apps developed by other binary options brokers, this feature is by far the best.

It is also not surprising to note that many traders have adopted using the app while they move from place to place rather than confine themselves to sitting in front of a computer for long hours.

Some important features of the IQ Option mobile app that have been responsible for its wide acceptance in the public include the ease with which signals can be generated once a good study of the asset prices has been done. We have found it quite easy to make good predictions that help us to place the right trades. This is all possible because of the ease at which the mobile app is used to perform these actions. Many years ago, it would have been difficult to believe that the trading graphs will be easily read from the screen of a smart phone. With this app, it is very easy to pick out the relevant information needed while reading the trading graphs.

The developers of this app have taken into consideration that to be a successful trader in binary options, it is important to make the best predictions that will earn the highest profits. I am confident that this is one of the major reasons this app has been created to be user friendly and to run very smoothly while live trading is going on.

Using the app is very secure, considering the sensitivity of the personal information used during a trade, protecting every user from the horrors of the internet has been adequately settled. There are other features like the notification settings which can be used to monitor trades, and study the current trends in the market.

How to trade on IQ Option – Binary Option

Take a look video below from official IQ Option group:

* This video was recorded on January 28, 2016. Past data may not affect the present or future.

or from an official channel on youtube:



Downloading the App

The IQ Option app is readily available for download on the IOS and the Android app stores.

The effectiveness of this app is one of the major reasons why many traders have signed up with IQ Option. It provides a flexible and convenient means through which binary options trading can be effortlessly done.

Get free iq option app by click icons below:

appstore-download android-app-download



Signing Up

Creating an account is very easy. A form will be provided on the signup page. Filling this form was quickly done, and we went on to the verification process which went smoothly as well. To begin an actual trade we were required to make a small deposit $10 and we had access to the trading platform.

We find it really encouraging that IQ Option pegged the minimum trading fee at $10. This means that almost everyone who is interested in binary options trading can have a trial with this broker and if it goes well, a new business has started.  click here to start trading





Have you tried automated trading yet?

Trading is now very easy with the use of reliable fully automated trading software. We recommend the IQ Option Robot for this purpose. The reviews are simply astonishing, it is even more amazing to note that professional and experienced traders all use this software for their trading. Now for the good news- this software is available free of charge for our readers. Start trading by using iq option robot by clicking the link below:

open account for free iq option


Types of accounts

IQ Options has thoughtfully limited the number of available accounts to just two. This is because the developers believe that every user should have access to all the useful features in fairness. The features of the two accounts are-

The IQ Option Real Account:

  • Access to Over 500 assets
  • Free access to all trading features
  • Access to partake in trading competitions
  • Quick and reliable withdrawals completed in three days
  • Live trading with real money.
  • Minimum required deposit of $10.

IQ Option VIP account:

  • Access to over 500 assets
  • Free access to all the trading features.
  • Access to partake in trading competitions.
  • Quicker withdrawals, transactions are completed within 24 hours.
  • Real live trading with real money.
  • Access to a personal manager.
  • Monthly analysis trading reports prepared by our professional analysts.
  • Exclusive VIP access at $3,000.


Account and Banking Options at IQ Option

IQ Option gives users the choice of signing up for different classes of accounts. The final decision will be made based on the needs of the users and how much investment they are prepared to start trading with.

It is advisable to start with a real account when you have had some education and practice with binary trading options.

In no time, you will upgrade to the VIP accounts to enjoy the attached benefits.

The following options are available for users who wish to make their deposits-

  • Credit card – MasterCard and Visa Card
  • Skrill
  • Web Money
  • Neteller

payment iq option

As an upcoming trader, your initial deposit should be made in accordance to the current trends in the market. This is the surest way to end up with good profits. So do not limit yourself to the minimum $10 specified fee.

However, with every form of online trading, there will be some losses, so you should keep your initial investment low while you become better at trading.


Withdrawal of Funds from IQ Option

The process to withdraw your profits from IQ Options is very easy and quick. For the safety of every user, all withdrawal applications are subject to approval by the IQ Option financial team before your account will be credited. It is understandable that this little delay to access your funds is important to ensure that your funds are safe from hacks and theft.

IQ Option has provided the following e-currency platforms through which your funds can be withdrawn. They are-

  • Credit card – Visa Card and MasterCard
  • Bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • WebMoney
  • Neteller

Your withdrawal requests will be processed in line with the options you have chosen. These are your preferred currency, payment method and withdrawal limits. As a security measure, the very first withdrawal is subject to approval by the IQ Option team after you have verified your identity. For further assistance, you can take advantage of the customer support portal where you will be guided through the easy steps required to make a withdrawal.

All withdrawal approvals are ultimately dependent on your type of account. The VIP account users will get their withdrawal requests processed within 24 hours while the real account holders will have their withdrawal requests processed within 3 days. The overall withdrawal limits have been pegged at a minimum of $10 and a maximum of $1 million.


Is IQ Option accredited or regulated?

It is important for every trader both new and old to carry out an extensive investigation to know more about the broker platform before you make your initial investments. It is easy to get carried away by the hype about a broker on the internet but that might be old information. You need to know the current information that will show you the current status of the broker. We have investigated IQ Option in this aspect because we need to be very sure before investments are made. The following aspects were put in focus during our checks-

cysec regulated iq option

It was confirmed that IQ Option was properly registered and accredited by the CYSE. This was very comforting to know, it should be noted that the parent company is known as Invest Lab Ltd.

Our investigations revealed further policies that have been put in place by IQ Option to further protect their users. These measures include the process of handling the investments of account holders, withdrawal processes and deposits. There are options created to settle disputes.

As complex as this might sound, the policies have been drafted in a way that it is easy to read and understand. Every account holder should read these terms and understand the measures taken to protect their trading activities and the regulation guiding very transaction. The appropriate measures have been taken to curb any illegal means through which money can be laundered through IQ Option. We can say that we are impressed with the system of operation run by IQ Options and we will recommend this broker to every binary options trader.


trade iq option now registeration

Risk Warning: Binary options trading may not be for everyone, so please understand the risks involved before making an investment decision.

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Next IQ Option Trading Model : How does it work?

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